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TEXTILE WAX RINGS  in Peru and all of Latin America

Rings of textile wax. Paraffins are extracted from oil. They are solid at room temperature, inert, impermeable, bright and above all biodegradable and non-toxic. That waxes are used to make a wide variety of products. And one variant of this is textile wax. In which some features were modified, such as the lubrication content. It is also the melting point to adapt the needs of our customers.

What is the use of Textile Wax Rings?

Its use is essential when it comes to producing high quality fabrics. Nonionic, cationic and nonionic anionic emulsions (especially mixtures with paraffin). They are used for this type of application. These emulsions are used as a basic component of the textile industry year. And to confer resistance to water. And a soft touch to the fabric. In bathroom sizes for high quality finishes that do not wrinkle or need ironing. The emulsions improve the resistance to abrasion and breakage while facilitating sewing. These properties are often affected by the resins used. And in the textile industry giving softness, flexibility and elasticity to fabrics.

Where can we find textile wax rings?

Andean Garden EIRL, is a Peruvian company specialized in the manufacture of Textile Wax Rings. And in the specialization tonight having an immediate acceptance in the demanding Peruvian local market. It is also a company with more than 30 years. In the textile paraffin market nationally and internationally (all Latin American).

Andean Garden: textile wax rings

Jardín Andino EIRL

Textile Wax Rings are manufactured to achieve high levels of performance. What makes the quality of our rings special is our formulations with raw materials that guarantee the performance of our products. Here we present samples of our products:

Wax roll facing machine

fabricantes de anillos de cera textil

Anillo de cera textil

Anillo de cera textil de parafina

cera textil

Textile Wax Ring Machine

parafina textil

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