What are paraffins?

Paraffins are complex mixtures of several substances extracted from oil. They are solid at room temperature, inert, waterproof, shiny, biodegradable and non-toxic, which is why they are used to manufacture a wide variety of products and one variant of these is textile paraffin, in which we modify some characteristics such as the lubrication content and the melting point to adapt them to the needs of our customers. Dedicated for more than 30 years to the transformation of paraffins, in 1996 Andean Garden E.I.R.L. Company dedicated itself solely to the manufacture of textile paraffin rings and excellence lies in specialization, achieving immediate acceptance in the demanding local Peruvian market. Today we have become the quality alternative and problem solver that all our clients recognize. The difference is in the formula, with European advice we are able to produce high performance rings, which is possible due to a careful choice of the best raw materials.

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